As Dana In Rock Rivals

Made By Shed Productions ROCK RIVALS: Coming soon 2008 on ITV1 Picture Shows: Dana Bigglesworth [Sammy Glenn] Picture caption: We join top rated TV talent show Rock Rivals during the live show finals. Head judging team and husband and wife creative duo Malcolm and Karina Faith are proud mentors to the contestants that have earned them their fortune. Malcolm has always had the occasional affair that his wife was prepared to tolerate as long as they were kept secret. The whistle is blown however, when his assistant Jinx, tricks Mal into broadcasting their infidelity over the studio's PA system. Karina calls it a day and presses for a divorce from Mal, promising to take half of everything he owns. The game is on. This picture is [C] Shed Productions Photographer: Patrick Redmond / Shed Productions Picture Source: Digital image For further picture information, please contact: James Hilder on 084488 13070 or

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