As Dana In Rock Rivals

Made By Shed Productions ROCK RIVALS: Ep5 4 April 2008 on ITV1 Picture Shows: Dana Bigglesworth [Sammy Glenn] Picture caption: Luke has gone off the rails since his split from Dana. Mal gives Luke a dressing down but his spirits are heartened with Lynette’s expose on Bethany. Bethany locks herself in her dressing room and Karina tries to win her back round by taking her for a slap-up lunch at their mansion. Mal thinks he has the upper hand until he sees that Fade Up are back on top of their game and Bethany is excelling whilst Luke is still stropping around. Still on honeymoon with Latex Luke, Felix’s relationship is jeopardized when Latex Luke discovers a picture of Luke that Felix clearly still holds dear. Karina is tired of her and Mal’s continued wrangling and pushes her lawyer to up the legal proceedings. Mal panics and decides to mount a come-back by proposing to her on the live-show in the hope that it will force Karina into reconciliation. This picture is [C] Shed Productions Photographer: Patrick Redmond / Shed Productions Picture Source: Digital image For further picture information, please contact: James Hilder on 084488 13070 or

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