As Dana In Rock Rivals

19_03_ROCK_RIVALS_17 - Version 2
THIS IMAGE IS STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL THE ISSUE RELEVANT TO THE WEEK OF TX ONLY Made By Shed Productions ROCK RIVALS: Ep3 19 March 2008 on ITV1 Picture Shows: Dana Bigglesworth [Sammy Glenn] Picture caption: Felix (Adam Leese), now working as a cleaner, has unfettered access to Luke and his room. He bonds with Luke by lying that he also lost his mother and recommending a book on coping with bereavement. When Felix gets wind of Luke and Dana’s plan to marry he goes to the registry office with the intention of disfiguring Dana by throwing acid in her face. When he realizes that Luke isn’t going ahead with the marriage, a jubilant Felix puts pay to his plans of sabotage and steals Luke’s mum’s urn as a gesture of false commitment to Latex Luke. This picture is [C] Shed Productions Photographer: Patrick Redmond / Shed Productions Picture Source: Digital image For further picture information, please contact: James Hilder on 084488 13070 or

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